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Wellness Education

Your success in anything depends on the knowledge you have to go with it! 

The more you know, the more you grow!

Here are some of the courses that are offered here at DIVINE WELLNESS!

The Alkaline VS Acidic Diet

This course breaks down what these two diets are, which foods are considered Alkaline or Acidic, and how to be a "conscious cook!" You are what you eat, so let's make it the fuel we need to be at our optimal health!

acid-vs-alkaline hearts.jpg

The Bridge Program

In this series of 4 Modules, one learns how to transition into a vegan or veterinarian lifestyle with ease and proper education!  We DEBUNK THE MYTHS and even give suggestions for turning your kitchen into the HEALING LABORATORY that it is!  We're ready, LETS GO!!

The Farmacy

This course explains the connection between the foods we eat, their colors, the energy they emit and the regenerative powers they possess!  We should EAT to LIVE, not LIFE to EAT!  Lets go visit the FARMACY, FOOD IS MEDICINE!

The Farmacy.jpg
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